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Korean Drums - Janggo Janggu Janggoo Changgo Changgu Changoo Drum

Red Korean Janggo, Janggu, Janggoo, Changgu, Changgoo Drum , Size 1.3


1.3 Janggo Drum - Smallest and Lightest Size for Children, Preteens, and Senior Citizens.
Build your Korean Janggo drum exactly how you want it.
Available options include:
Barrel Color - Natural Gold, Dark Brown, or Bright Red. 
Custom Colors are available.
Barrel Finish - High Gloss or Satin Finishes are available
Rope Color - White, Dark Brown, or Red Cotton Rope
Hooks - Bent Wire Hooks in Brass or Silver Color, or Cast Brass Hooks
Adjusters - Dark Brown Adjusters Sewn with Thread or Laced with Leather, Red Janggo Drums come with traditional Grey Adjusters
Drum Heads - Both Sides Light Brown/Tan Color or One Side with a Light Brown/Tan and One Side with a White Drum Head
Custom Carved Barrels are available
Custom Colors and Custom Paint is available
Contact Koreana Gifts for additional details and prices.

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Jang Go Red 1.3.jpg