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Welcome to Koreana Gifts and Arts: Korean, Asian, & Oriental Gifts

Koreana Gifts and Arts - Asian, Oriental, & Korean Gift Store
Koreana Gifts is Your Source for All Things Korean
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We have hundreds of traditional Korean Gift Items that are not listed on our website

Koreana Gifts has sold Korean Gift items to:
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art Gift Shop in Los Angeles, California

The Asian Art Museum Gift Shop in San Francisco, California
The Pacific Asian Museum Gift Shop in Pasadena, California
The Philadelphia Museum of Art Gift Shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Crow Collection of Asian Art Gift Shop in Dallas, Texas

Our Los Angeles Retail Gift Store is Located At:

3927 Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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Store Hours
12 Noon to 5 PM Monday to Saturday
By Appointment Evenings and Sundays

Koreana Gifts & Arts opens by Appointment on Sundays and evenings. 
Please call to make an Appointment if you cannot come to our Korean Gift Store during regular business hours.

Looking for a Special Korean Gift?

Koreana Gifts and Arts celebrates a 50 year history of providing only the finest imported goods direct from Korea, China, Japan, Asia, and the Orient
Koreana Gifts and Arts specializes in traditional Korean Drums and Korean Musical Instruments, splendid authentic traditional Korean Gifts, Korean Celadon Ceramic Pottery, Celadon Vases, Celadon Bowls, authentic Korean Dance Wear and Accessories, fine Korean Paintings, Korean Art, Korean Sculpture and Statues, vintage Korean Dolls, traditional Korean Dolls, Korean Brassware, Korean Lacquer Ware Inlaid with Mother of Pearl, Korean Baduk- Badook Game Boards and Accessories, and Korean Cultural Heritage Materials and Supplies.

We have literally hundreds of traditional Korean items and can Special Order Items direct from South Korea shipped to your location.
If you don't find it on our website, please call us or email us.  We have an extensive inventory and not all of our items are on our website

We can also locate items from other Korean Gift Stores here in the Los Angeles area

We will be adding more items to our Koreana Gifts and Arts Website on a regular basis, so please add us to your Favorites List
Koreana Gifts and Arts is your source for Korean, Asian, & Oriental Gifts
All of our item are Made in Korea unless otherwise noted

Korean Brassware: Vintage Korean Brassware, Korean Brass Vases, Korean Brass Bowls

Korean Buddhist and Korean Mudang Shaman Supplies: Korean Maitreya Bodhisattva Buddha, Korean Buddha Statues, Korean Korean Buddhist Fans, Korean Mudang Shaman Accessories, Korean Buddhist Fans

Korean Catholic and Christian Supplies: Korean Language Hangul Bibles, Korean Language Hangul Hymnals, Korean Brass Crosses, Korean Brass Crucifixes

Korean Ceramic Pottery: Korean Celadon Vases and Bowls, Korean Celadon Tea Sets and Wine Sets, Korean White Porcelain, Korean Decorative Pottery and Ceramics

Korean Dancing Accessories: Jokdoori Korean Dancing Crowns, Binyuh Korean Hairpins, Hahn-Sahm Korean Dancing Sleeves, Korean Dancing Hats, Korean Dance Knives

Korean Dancing Shoes: White Toe Korean Dance Shoes, Red Toe Korean Dance Shoes, Low Heel Korean Dance Shoes, High Heel Korean Dance Shoes

Korean Dolls: Traditional Korean Silk Dolls, Vintage Traditional Korean Dolls, Korean Ceramic Dolls, Korean Rush Reed Dolls, Korean Wood Dolls, Korean Wedding Dolls

Korean Drums: Korean Jang-Go Changoo Drums, Korean Buk Drums, Moo Goong Hwa Flower Drums, Yong-Go Dragon Drums, Korean Samul Nori Drums, Korean Sogo Hand Drums, Korean Barrel Drums, Three & Five Drum Dance Drums and Drum Stand Sets

Korean Drum Stands: Buk Drum Stands, Jang-Go Changoo Drums Stands

Korean Furniture: Vintage Black Lacquer & Mother of Pearl Korean Furniture, Korean Chests, Korean End Tables, Korean Folding Chow Dinner Tables

Korean Games: Korean Baduk Badook - Japanese Go - Chinese Weiqi Wood Game Boards Made in South Korea, Game Stones, Wood Bowls, Korean Yoot Games

Korean Gifts: Rare, Traditional and Hard to Find Vintage and Antique Korean Gifts, Traditional Korean Gift Ware, Korean Birthday Gifts, Korean Christmas Gifts

Korean Gongs and Cymbals: Korean Jing Brass Gongs, Korean Kwanggari Brass Gongs, Korean Barra Buddhist Brass Cymbals, Korean Brass Bells

Korean Hats: Korean Khat Hats, Korean Dance Hats, Korean Samul Nori Farmer's Dance Hats

Korean Lacquer Ware Inlaid with Mother of Pearl: Korean Lacquer & Mother of Pearl Jewelry Boxes, Korean Lacquer & Mother of Pearl Jul Pan Banchan Serving Trays, Korean Lacquer & Mother of Pearl Vases, Korean Lacquer & Mother of Pearl Picture Frames

Korean Masks: Traditional Korean Wood Masks, Traditional Korean Paper Masks, Korean Miniature Wood Mask Sets

Korean String Instruments; Kayageum Gayageum Korean Zither, Komungo Korean Zither

Korean Wind Instruments: Korean Bamboo Tanso Flutes, Korean Daegeum Bamboo Flutes, Korean Piri Bamboo Flutes, Korean Hojuk Tae  Pyong So Oboe

Special Orders Direct From South Korea - Koreana Gifts and Arts can special order many Korean items direct from our suppliers in South Korea and have them shipped directly to your location anywhere in the world. Please contact Koreana Gifts and Arts for further details.